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Our mission is to bring genome wide RNA analysis to diagnostics

We offer a complete range of services for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) based projects. Our primary, but not unique, focus is fluids RNA sequencing and downstream bioinformatic analysis.

Flomics offers a complete tailored sequencing workflow depending on your project needs. From patient screening to large biomarker discovery projects, we provide full support for any basic and translational research, pre-clinical or clinical project.

Our in-house developed workflow includes:

  • RNA extraction (any type of sample including optimized protocols for body fluids such as blood, plasma, serum or urine)
  • Library preparation (starting from 250pg of RNA) for long and small RNA detection and profiling
  • Optional customized capture RNA sequencing
  • Sequencing with the best suited platform (Illumina, Oxford Nanopore, …)
  • Complete quality control and data analysis tailored to the project goals
  • De novo annotation of novel transcripts
  • Mutations and fusion genes detection
  • Intuitive extensive reporting
  • Machine learning powered novel biomarker discovery
  • Cloud-based storage with interactive capabilities for the client

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