Genomic services

Flomics offers a wide range of personalized services for your Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) R&D needs. From patient screening to biomarker discovery projects, we provide full support for both basic and translational research, pre-clinical or clinical projects.

Flomics Integrated Services

We are here to help you go a step further in your research and clinical applications. We can assist you on specific tasks such as NGS data analysis. We provide support in the entire project, from sample preparation to bioinformatics and data interpretation. Flomics offers a complete tailored sequencing analysis workflow that can adapt to your project’s needs.

Our expertise goes from biomarkers discovery and complex diseases research, to metagenomics and clinical studies.


Stratus® is Flomics’ data analysis cloud platform. It can help you interpret your NGS data in a matter of minutes.

Simple and easy to use. Scalable. Available today, at any time, from anywhere.

Our Services

Cancer Biomarkers

Cancer and other complex diseases biomarker discovery. From standard NGS mutation panels to novel gene fusions, we are here to support clinicians and researchers with relevant data.



End-to-end solutions for Metagenomics projects including 16S rRNA and shotgun sequencing to efficiently identify and differentiate multiple microbial species in complex samples.



Flomics provides an easy NGS based solution for the identification of the new SARS-CoV-2 viral variants.



Custom R&D Projects

We are here to support your R&D project and be your genomics partner. From sample preparation and sequencing, to bioinformatics and complex data analysis. We are here to collaborate.


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