Flomics has recently acquired the Illumina NextSeq 2000, marking a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to advancing next-generation sequencing and achieving scientific and technological excellence. The Illumina NextSeq 2000 is a powerful tool known for its exceptional combination of flexibility, scalability, and efficiency. With a wide range of available flow cells, the NextSeq 2000 can support various applications, including whole genome sequencing, RNA sequencing and metagenomic analysis. Its ability to deliver accurate results swiftly and at reduced operating costs makes it the ideal choice for our sequencing needs at Flomics. What adds to the excitement surrounding the NextSeq 2000 is the impending introduction of the new P4 flow cell and sequencing chemistry. This innovative upgrade will enhance data output per run while lowering costs, all without compromising data quality. This improvement in performance and efficiency will allow us to expedite our research projects and provide quicker and more precise results to our clients. We are enthusiastic about incorporating the NextSeq 2000 into our operations and exploring the new possibilities it offers. We have already conducted initial tests and are prepared to commence working on our sample batches.

Some of the key features are: Exome sequencing: Focus on sequencing the protein-coding region of the genome a cost-effective alternative to whole-genome sequencing.

– Integrating workflow for accurate variant calling – Include multiple flow cell configurations and reagent kits,for adjustable output based on project needs. – Data analysis integrated; Illumina exomes to rapidly identify disease-associated variants.

mRNA sequencing: Accurate and comprehensive expression of abundant transcripts profiling.

– Analyzing the coding transcriptome leveraging as little as 25 ng input of standard (non-degraded) RNA -Data analysis pipeline:Perform alignment, quantification, and fusion detection.

Single-Cell RNA Sequencing: profiling the transcriptome to assess the individual contributions of single cells in complex tissues