Next Generation Sequencing & the power of RNA

Powerful sequencing diagnostics supported by groundbreaking RNA-based biomarkers and bioinformatics

Detecting cancer earlier and better

Flomics’ multicancer blood test finds changes in expression patterns of RNA molecules in circulation, to detect and screen for cancer before the first symptoms appear. Ideal for early stage screening programs targeted at at-risk individuals.

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Next-generation liquid biopsy

The study of circulating molecules present in blood is known as liquid biopsies, a field that has been constantly growing and evolving in the past decade. Blood is a carrier of several cell types, but also the recipient of biological information such as cell-free RNA (cfRNA). Because all organs shed RNA into the circulation, liquid biopsies are the perfect snapshot of what is happening to all organs at a specific time from a single blood draw.

At Flomics, we believe that RNAs are the best biomarkers available in circulation, allowing reliable diagnosis of complex diseases, even before the first symptoms appear.

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Groundbreaking technology

Flomics test detects disease signatures in blood by combining Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) of cell-free RNA molecules with powerful machine learning techniques.

RNA levels reflect cell and tissue states. RNA patterns of expression are affected by environmental stimuli and disease. Flomics is able to quantify all RNA molecules in blood.

Sequencing fluids with NGS is our expertise. Our scientists developed optimized protocols for RNA extraction and sequencing to get optimal data.

We are experts in bioinformatics and data science. We develop machine learning models that produce reliable and reproducible results.

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