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Flomics mines the sequences in your blood to create affordable, non-invasive and accurate liquid biopsies.

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Liquid biopsies with cell-free RNA


Effective healthcare depends on health monitoring, preferentially with biomarkers. A biomarker can be any type of molecule produced by the body, whose levels change in response to a particular disease. Colorectal cancer, lung cancer and coronary artery disease are just a few examples of a long list where an early and accurate diagnosis would have huge benefits to patients’ quality of life: doctors could commence treatment earlier, improving the chance of a favorable outcome and minimizing time and discomfort lost to sickness.
One of the key features of a good diagnostic is that it is obtained by quantifiable biomarkers: molecules that can be measured with minimum discomfort and risk to the patient. At Flomics, we believe that the best biomarkers of all will be in patients’ body fluids, and best of all, in the patients’ blood.

Fluids Sequencing

Sequencing fluids is our expertise. Our scientists developed state-of-the-art fluids sequencing protocols to get optimal data, even in challenging samples such as plasma, serum or saliva.


Data Processing

With more than ten years of experience in bioinformatics, our team is ready to deliver the results you want, in the format you want them. We know sequencing and all our algorithms are highly customisable.


Transcriptional Biomarkers

Flomics mantains a transcriptional biomarkers database, manually curated by our team, available upon request. All the known transcriptional biomarkers to date, free or propietary, are there.


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RNA Sequencing and Biomarker Discovery is in our genes.

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